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  • Ask a question and draw your answer card
  • Let your personal card of the day inspire and guide you
  • 11 meditation songs, together approx. 60 minutes, for tuning in or dreaming

How does the 21 Life Values Oracle work?

The 21 colourfully painted oracle cards in this app symbolise the 21 life values, which are based on the astral basic energies of our seven main chakras.

If we actively live out and train these basic qualities of our chakras more in our lives, then we are doing something good for ourselves.

If we take good care of our 21 life values, our Kundalini windmills (chakras) shine clearer and more colourful. 

This oracle is not a fortune-telling game or party gag, it is YOU who is asked. Do you want to get involved in the experience? Do you want to grow?

It's as simple as this:

Ask your question inside yourself. Something that moves you at the moment. A problem, an upcoming decision, an idea that you are missing? 

First, find the reason why you want to ask your inner life values oracle.

Then imagine your question. 

Feel your problem, your question, your idea from within. For one minute, in silence. For this, you can keep your eyes open or close them, just as you like.

If you like, ask your spirit guides during this minute. They have a better perspective on things from their dimensions and are happy to help if you ask them.

After the minute of silence, the oracle plays a gong sound and you can choose one of the randomly shuffled cards.

Which one do you feel attracted to first? Feel carefully and you will find it! It gives you an important message, as an answer to your question, as a suggestion for a solution to your problem, or an important idea arises from it.

But please don't just read it... Let the short words work inside, feel into yourself and find a way to live the life value depicted, perhaps through a symbolic act.

Use the chance to let something grow and develop in your life, then the oracle becomes actively lived self-love. You may find yourself moving into new, better timelines as a result.

Draw a daily card:

With the daily card, the oracle app additionally offers you the possibility to call up all 21 life values one after the other in an ever-changing order. 

You can't miss anything: Even if you don't use the app every day, it always continues with your next card. Once you've seen all the cards, the app reshuffles the life values and you seamlessly start another round.

Use this feature to start your day with a clear message and goal. 

Maybe an idea will come to you about how you can strengthen this life value in yourself today? Use your daily card as inspiration for your diary or for short moments of reflection.


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