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This free app shares with you 11 comic episodes and 22 piano music backgrounds.

If you like, you can use this comic as an inner transformation journey. 

Please read only one comic every day. They are short, each episode is maybe 5-6 minutes long. Read it once or twice or several times. 

Feel what these views trigger in you.

If you like, write a small diary on these 11 days to be able to sort out your thoughts, feelings and perceptions about the themes of the comic episodes.

Writing things down helps you to consolidate, find your way through and sort them out. You can also write and draw, perhaps with sketches made of stick figures and the perceived inner images that arise in you?

The philosophical dialogue in the form of a comic begins with not being able to see and not wanting to see other perspectives. When one's own view of the world is filled to the brim of the horizon of consciousness, but can no longer be expanded because of our belief in rigid, box-like rules.

Actually, these were not supposed to be men's talks. It turned out that way. When experimentally scoring the first part, it just made sense to use only male voices for a quick, first version. It was practical and convenient and efficient. A conscious decision out of yang. After that, it stayed that way. 

Of course, we could also do it quite differently, because of equality and all that. But my good friend Jörg speaks several dialects fluently, I needed six different voices, and it fit. 

Shortly before another good friend could see the finished video set to music, he remarked after reading the first parts that from his point of view these texts would appeal especially to men. Bingo... So it stayed with the men's dialogue. 

The basic idea of the dialogue came from a true incident. There were actually two flowers, one of which could not be perceived from a certain perspective. As so often in life, I thought to myself... and began to write. 

When I write, I process what I have experienced and witnessed myself with open-ended questions that I ask to get answers. The answers come when I am in FLOW, as artists like to say. 

Those who are on a spiritual path call it connecting with the Higher Self, the Source or, as in my case, with the "Spirit Guides".

A dialogue with different characters shows us the many possible facets of belief. How do we want to see the world? That is for us to decide. 

In a dialogue we can also keep this question open, we don't always have to decide for a fixed view. Perhaps we only decide when it is helpful for our lives? 

But we are never fixed in this. Sometimes an as-well-as is also possible, if we allow ourselves to do so.

Or do you prefer to believe in what everyone believes in? That is usually the supposedly safe way. It feels good, because the uncertain can sometimes be a difficult and often confusing path.

Take from this dialogue for yourself what feels best. You don't have to believe everything the esoteric sparrows whistle from the roof. But one or two things may help you in your life.

Write down what you like. 

If you like, start living it.


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